09. Metal Detection & Metal Separation Gallery

Cleaning Systems

Multiple combinations of magnetic and electronic separators can be used to meet your specific requirements. Cleaning Systems are designed for maximum protection against ferrous and nonferrous debris by combining magnetic and electronic separators. They are the perfect solution for purifying regrind and recycled goods in a plastics plant. Cleaning systems use magnetic and electronic separators to remove both ferrous and nonferrous contaminants efficiently from free-flowing virgin resins, regrind, and recycled plastics.

  • Duplex Separator
  • Drum Separator
  • FF Drawer Magnet
  • HS Metal Detector
  • QT-03 Metal Detector
  • Press Cleaning Station

  • Adjustable sensitivity and rejection cycling features conserve good material
  • Increases reject accuracy
  • Ease access to all components for open frame construction offers
  • Dust-sealed electronic part


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Magnetic Rotary Feeder

Magnetic Rotary Feeders are designed to meter the flow of products into processing equipment. It provides a continuous uniform flow of products to increase processing machinery productivity.

The feed inlet has a spring loaded control gate which allows large metal objects to pass through the feeder without causing damage. Our magnetic rotary feeders sizes are up to 14-row with their specifications to meet your needs.

  • Feeder size from 3-row to 14-row

  • DIrect OEM replacement
  • Effortless magnet cleaning system
  • Fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel for increased wear resistant
  • Maximised tramp metal removal and minimise tramp metal “wash-off” between magnet cleanings
  • Adjustable spring-loaded control gate
  • Removable inspection cover
  • Locking notch prevents the tray from vibrating loose

  • Quick clean roller guide system
  • 400 Series Ceramic Magnet
  • US manufactured TEFC
  • Limit switches for closed confirmation
  • Zero speed switches
  • Lifting lugs
  • Custom flange bolt hole pattern
  • Companion flanges

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Gravity Magnetic Separation

Gravity Magnetic Separation provides continuous removal of ferrous contaminants from product flow. Enge Plas supplies various types of magnetic-gravity separators designed by our team of experts to access your needs and ensure you receive the right requirement for your applications.

  • Tube Magnets
  • Grate Magnets
  • Plate Magnets
  • Drawer Magnets
  • Chute Magnets
  • Free-Flow Magnets

  • 100% stainless steel enclosed design
  • Easy cleaning during maintenance
  • CE certified

  • External frame
  • Self-cleaning design

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Pneumatic Magnetic Separation

Pneumatic magnetic separation helps balance between efficiency, operation and purity of products. They maintain continuous flow through the housing with no reduction in product velocity. They are easy to install into existing conveying lines and also compact spaces. Manual quick-clean and automated self-clean designs allow for easy cleaning. Above all, pneumatic magnets are effective in removing inbound contaminants in product streams.

Pneumatic magnets are applicable in horizontal or vertical processing transfer lines. They are usable in gravity-fed chutes and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. Typical applications include powder or granular food products, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and chemicals.

Enge Plas supplies a wide range of pneumatic magnetic separation technologies. This includes pneumatic tube magnet and line magnet. We also provide inline magnetic tube, plate magnet and pneumatic drawer magnet. Custom options include magnet tube lengths and single/dual magnet designs. Other equipment options include AAA sanitary welding, manual quick-clean or automated self-clean.

  • Pneumatic Tube Magnet
  • Pneumatic Line Magnet
  • Inline Magnetic Tube
  • Inline Plate Magnet
  • Inline Pneumatic Drawer Magnet

  • Effectively remove contaminants from product streams conveyed by air
  • Specially designed seal gasket eliminates leaks & reduces gasket replacement
  • Unique design keeps product in magnetic field longer & prevents tramp metal wash-off
  • High tramp metal retention
  • Easy installation, easy cleaning
  • Applicable in horizontal & vertical lines, & gravity-fed chutes
  • Sanitary designs, self-clean designs available

  • Hinged access door
  • Various cart and connection systems

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Liquid Magnetic Separators

Liquid Magnetic Separators remove ferrous contaminations from liquid and slurry product streams. It can be difficult flowing, fibrous or  pureed products, or solid, thick and chunky slurry. They are applicable to chemical, food processing and paper milling industries.

At Enge Plas, we help manufacturers control and remove metal contaminants. This helps achieve high food safety standards and minimise the risk of a product recall. We provide best practice knowhow and equipment to detect and remove metal contaminants.

We provide a wide range of liquid magnets. This includes plate design, tube design (including high pressure), combo tube & screener design. Magnetic components used are from powerful Neodymium rare earth, ceramic magnet material. Our models come with quick release clamps to allow easy cleaning and inspection. They are easy to adapt and install to existing lines. Models can withstand temperatures as high as 180°C and pressures as high as 150 PSI. Sanitary designs and USDA certifications (ASDA / AMS / NSF / ANSI / 3-A14159-1 2002) are available.

  • Plate design
  • Tube design
  • Tube design (High pressure)
  • Combo tube & screener design

  • Powerful Neodymium rare earth, ceramic magnet material
  • Type 304 stainless steel sanitary design & liquid-tight construction
  • Quick release clamps allow easy cleaning & inspection
  • Easily adaptable & installed to existing lines
  • High temperature rating, up to 180°C
  • High pressure levels, up to 150 PSI
  • USDA certified (ASDA / AMS / NSF / ANSI / 3-A14159-1 2002)

  • Water jacket
  • Drain valve
  • Lockable lid
  • USDA Magnet Certification

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Magnetic Filtration Separators

Magnetic filtration allows for fluids to flow around the magnetic rod or core and capture any ferrous particles in magnetic trap. Our products and design help your manufacturing to reduce disposal costs, improve products accuracy and finish, and reduce machine and its part wear.

Our magnetic technology is green and sustainability reduces both the need to buy costly consumables to help you save your cost.

  • Filter bag magnet
  • Eco-Mag
  • Automag
  • Coolant cleaner
  • Eco-Flow

  • Fully welded design to prevent water ingress
  • High performance rare earth magnetic circuit
  • Full-length magnetic tube
  • Reduce costs and decrease fluid disposal
  • Lower cost on scrap reduction
  • Prevent bacterial growth and minimise exposure to abrasive swarf
  • Reduce media filter consumption
  • ISO 14001 accreditation

  • Mounting bracket
  • Timer control box

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Metal Detectors

The most common and unwanted foreign material in production and processing is metal. Metal contaminants can cause severe damage to equipment, machinery and systems. And they may result in rejects, wastes and issues with customers. As such, metal detection is very important in protecting equipment and quality control.

At Enge Plas, we supply a wide range of metal detection equipment. All types of metal and metal inclusions are detectable. Be it ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals, in conveying or gravity processes. Using powerful electronics and modern filtering, our devices apply in almost all applications. Our metal detectors sense and remove metallic contaminants with precision and reliability. Besides this, advanced engineering makes them long lasting and robust.

Our range is applicable for conveyor belts, pipes, chutes, roll goods, bulk materials. Standard equipment include control units with touch-screen, networking capabilities for remote diagnostics. Useful  options include wear resistance, high temperature, hygienic designs, multi frequency etc.

  • Tunnel Style Metal Detectors
  • Gravity Free-Fall Style Metal Detectors
  • Inline Style Metal Separators

  • High sensitivity & long lifetime
  • Maintenance free mechanism & compact design
  • Range of aperture size to suit application
  • All devices are mechanically compatible
  • Robust pneumatic ejector mechanism & monitoring (optional)
  • Protection class IP54 & stainless steel options available
  • Extensive accessories available

Metal detector test balls, wands and sticks for performance check.

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