Automatic Sack Opening & Emptying System

The first & most efficient, fully automatic bag splitter in the world. Empties more than 99.99% of raw material from bags, with immediate reduction in labour costs & contamination risks. Unparalleled safety backed by approvals from major standards institutes in the world. Wide range of models and many convenient options to fit the needs of your factory. Uses the best in robotics, design and craftsmanship. Many installations across different industries in the world.

  • 300 sacks per hour
  • 600 sacks per hour
  • 800 sacks per hour
  • 1,300 sacks per hour

  • Fast ROI, generally less than 6 months
  • Near complete emptying of sack content
  • Greatly reduced labour cost & injury risk
  • Absolute prevention of foreign material entering hopper
  • Unmatched safety level, approved by most major Standards Institutes including CE, UL, TUV & GOST

  • Pallet Stacking
  • Aspiration Unit
  • Pallet Entry Conveyor
  • Pallet Removal

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Jumbo Bag Unloading & Emptying Station

Our Big Bag Unloading & Emptying Stations are efficient, user friendly and safe. Models can be dust-proof and meet the strictest hygiene requirements.

Comes with a wide selection of emptying aids and accessories for greater flexibility. Big Bag Discharger is also easy to upgrade and convert thanks to its modular design. Applicable to a variety of jumbo bag types, process material and production environments.

Combine and integrate this with other upstream or downstream processes like mixing, conveying.

  • Modular construction
  • Compatibility with integrated weighing system
  • Available made of various construction materials
  • Wide range of additional equipment and special executions
  • The distinguishing feature of this unit is modular construction allowing subsequent modifications or changes.

  • Diverse range of uses
  • Simple & ergonomic operation
  • Easily integrated with upstream & downstream processes
  • Wide range of equipment options
  • Suitable for highest safety & hygiene requirements
  • High degree of flexibility for future upgrades & adaptations

  • As an option conformity to ATEX acc. to regulation 94/9 EC
  • Applied for dust-free discharging and metering of bulk goods from big bags.
  • Metering from the big bags is effected by metering screws, rotary valves or metering chutes.
  • Mounted on silos, mixers, etc. for free-fall discharging.
  • Optional GMP execution.

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Manual Bag Dump / Sack Tipping Station

The Manual Bag Dump Station provides a comfortable means to empty 25kg bags. The station consists of a grille with a rest fitted on its front. The grille sits atop a hopper supported by legs. A hood with a protection door fitted on its front covers the hopper and grille. Our sack tip station allows complete discharging of powders and granules. The  integrated self-cleaning dust collector option prevents atmosphere dust contamination. Customisable dimensions including height and outlet size.

  • Available made of various construction materials such as SS304 or SS316L
  • Wide range of additional equipment and special executions

  • Quick & easy access to internal parts for cleaning
  • Space-saving & customised dimensions including tipping height
  • Compact user-friendly design
  • Useful built-in dust collector options - passive or fan-operated, air jet-cleaned, maintenance-friendly dust filters
  • Customised outlet sizes

  • Integrated Dust Collection System
  • Level detection
  • Choice of slide gate valve or rotary at outlet
  • Metal separation
  • Screening

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Sea Bulk Container Unloading System

Our Sea Bulk Container Unloading System provides efficient raw material unloading from containers. Dock the container and immediately convey powder or pellets into the storage silos. A complete silo to silo solution, cheap and fast! Frees up truck and driver in the most efficient manner.

Manufacturers remove the time and cost of using pellets with forklifts or cranes. Minimise your product wastage and remove packaging costs in 25kg bags or bulk bags. Yield per container is also maximised.

Safe and easy to operate with single operator control. Customisable for different safety and hygiene standards.

  • Full turnkey sea bulk container unloading
  • End fill bulk container
  • Wide access bulk container
  • Bar-less woven container
  • Bar-less baffle woven container
  • PE- film sea bulk container
  • Complete silo-to-silo shipping solution
  • Maximise container fill, increased yield per container
  • Fast unloading of bulk containers, freeing up truck and driver
  • Packaging & pelleting cost savings, and decreased product waste
  • Reduced safety risk with single operator control
  • Spout/Vent Loading System
  • Duffel/Zipper Wide Mouth Opening Loading System
  • Discharge Chute(s)
  • Air Bag Safe Unload Accessory
  • Uncoated Fabric for breathability
  • Coated Fabric for Moisture Protection
  • Sift Proof Seams

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Modular Silos

Our modular silo range is very diverse, with different capacities, heights and footprints. Silos range from galvanized steel to stainless steel, with square or round designs. They can be for indoors or outdoors, clean or heavy duty uses. There are silo types to suit all raw material kinds and forms, storage needs and applications.

Built with certified steel, modular silos offer high structural strength. Delivered together with silos are static calculations and preparation basis of CE documentation. Modular silos provide good pests protection and easy sanitation with high-pressure cleaner. This ensures excellent hygiene.

An assortment of equipment options and accessories make modular silo systems very customisable.

  • Modular silo – square or rectangular
  • Agrosilo – square or rectangular
  • Mineral silo
  • Auger Discharge Silo
  • Clean silo
  • Outdoor Modular Silo
  • Round steel silo
  • Outdoor wooden pellet silo
  • Mobile hopper

  • All components can be carried through regular doors - ideal for existing inbuilding installations
  • Optimum space use with square structure
  • Easily installed at erection site
  • Wide range of shapes, sizes and material construction
  • Suitable for wide range of raw material types and forms

  • Transport equipment and accessories also available.
  • Delivered as standard with:-

                 steel cover

                  inspection hatch

                  inspection window

                  manually operated closing damper

                  heat-treated wooden packaging

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Silos are a great way to store and protect enough raw material on site for manufacturing needs. Bulk material can powders, flakes, granules, grains or any other forms.

They can be set up indoors or outdoors, with customisable footprints and heights. Material construction can vary depending on needs and costs. Safety and convenient features allow easy maintenance and access.

Filling is either pneumatic or mechanical conveying using filters for dustless air discharge. Automatic cleaning mechanisms ensure maintenance free operation. Level sensors and discharge aids provide convenient monitoring control and monitoring of material. Other useful options include blending, heating, insulation, moisture and heat measurement.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Silos
  • Stainless steel or Aluminium Silos
  • Tower Silos
  • Grain Storage Silos
  • Cement Silos

  • Safe storage & protection of sufficient onsite manufacturing raw material
  • Small footprint hence space saving
  • Custom designed & built to site conditions & process requirements
  • Easily integrated with loading & unloading, thus saving time & reducing waste
  • Wide range of options, accessories & features

  • Integrated Venting System
  • Level detection
  • Choice of slide gate valve or rotary at outlet

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