02. Conveying

Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic conveying systems represent the core of a bulk material handling system. Enge Plas develops innovative pneumatic conveying solutions for all materials, applications and environments.

Our pneumatic conveyors can transport a variety of powders, granules, flakes, tablets, capsules. Depending on your processes, it can be vacuum (negative) or pressure (positive) conveying.

Pneumatic conveying systems are easy to install and operate. They are fully-enclosed systems with zero loss or exposure to material. Systems are also very flexible to adapt and adjust to tomorrow's needs.

  • Pressure (+ve) or Vacuum (-ve) conveying system
  • Dense phase or Dilute phase conveying system
  • Vacuum conveying system

  • Simple routing & require little space thanks to flexible pipes
  • Fully contained system hence prevents product leakage & contamination
  • High efficiency - 1 system convey high capacity through long distances
  • Very adaptable, modular & flexible - now & future
  • Minimal yet simple & quick maintenance, due to few moving parts
  • Easy & quick to setup & interface with other processes
  • High hygiene & safety levels
  • De-mixing options possible


  • No moving parts.
  • No blowback.
  • No mechanical shearing.
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Overcome losses by compress the air/solids mixture to a pressure adequate.

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Mechanical Conveyors

Mechanical conveyors come in various types, designs and utilise different techniques. Mechanical conveying can do all distances with horizontal, vertical and even diagonal angles.

In general, mechanical systems are able to convey all kinds of raw material. Mechanical conveying is more practical than pneumatic for materials with varied particle distribution. They are very well suited for heavy, granular materials that may be moist, doughy, and packable.

There are many options available. Systems can be dust-proof, gas-tight, and pressure tight. Food-safe, explosion resistance and ATEX designs are also possible.

  • Tube Chain Conveyors
  • Trough-Belted and Transfer Conveyors
  • Flexible Screw Conveyors
  • High-Intensity Separation Conveyors
  • Magnetic Crossbelt Conveyors
  • Shredder and Grinder Feeder Conveyors
  • Bale Break Conveyors

  • Minimal material destruction, high material integrity
  • No blockages inside conveying system
  • Multiple inlets & outlets allowed
  • Low operational and maintenance costs, due to low wear and no filter systems
  • Easy stopping and start-up, also with the product
  • ATEX possible without significant effort

  • Shut-off-systems
  • Chain tensioning units
  • Turning systems
  • Cleaning systems

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02. Conveying Photo Gallery

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