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Purging Agents

Enge Plas supplies a mechanical purging agent that enables the safe, effective and efficient cleaning of plastics processing equipment. This granular material is blended in with a small amount of the polymer that you are using and fed into a starved screw/barrel.

The blended material is processed through your equipment at similar temperatures and revs to typical run conditions for the carrier polymer. The material softens slightly, but does not melt, and thoroughly loosens carbonized and degraded resin, allowing the polymer to flush out the system.

  • For injection moulding (except where openings are less than 1.5mm)
  • For extrusion, blow moulding, and injection moulding with openings less than 1.5mm
  • For hot runner systems with a minimum clearance of 0.75mm
  • Used in unblended form (i.e. at 100%) in extrusion and compounding processes. Provides a gentle scrubbing effect to the screw and barrel and removes build up of carbonised material. It softens but does not melt, therefore it provides a scrubbing effect – it does not scratch or wear the screw or barrel.

  • Cleaning colour from your equipment
  • Cleaning polymer from your equipment
  • Removing carbon build-up and black specks
  • Regular preventative maintenance
  • Before manual cleaning
  • Particularly useful when changing colour, polymer, or when screw and barrel are carbonized. Enables rapid purging of the previous colour and/or polymer, so that machine downtime and loss of expensive polymer is minimized.
  • Suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding processes.
  • Cost effective, as only a small amount is required, usually at 20% add rate to the polymer.

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Enge Plas provides total solutions for the processing technology from raw material feeding to the entire downstream periphery, from throughput rates of 1 kg/h to 100 t/h.  The quality quality of the end product is the decisive factor in complex processes such as the processing of viscous materials.

From raw material through conveying, melting, dispersing, homogenising, devolatilisation, pressure build-up, filtering and pelletising, we use our experience and extensive know-how to adapt every process step exactly and we are able to guarantee maximum throughput rates at the greatest possible economy and quality for our extrusion machines and plants.

ZSK Series

  • Combines the results of more than 50 years of process and processing competence. It is the high-end, high-tech heart of our systems with the maximum torque, speed and free volume.

STS MC11 Series

  • Features a high degree of standardization. It combines the process technology expertise in Germany with serial production in China at an attractive price-performance ratio but still certified according to CE standards.


  • Offers a new twin screw compounding system with a very attractive cost/performance ratio. The precise manufacturing of the CTE PLUS series ensures the economical processing of a wide range of applications at high product quality.

Module & Complete Systems

  • Gives customers a compounding system pre-assembled from standardized components and integrated into the steel structure that offers everything from the raw material feeding to the entire downstream equipment.

In addition, we also offer peripheral equipment, which we developed ourselves. This equipment such as melt pumps, screen pack changers and pelletizers is optimally adapted to our compounding systems.

  • Greatly improved productivity
  • Increase energy efficiency by reduced specific energy input
  • Flexible, wide area of applications
  • Precise temperature control
  • Proven high ZSK safety enabled by new designs and developments
  • Comprehensive process engineering support
  • Efficient, professional project execution and maximum security in costs, schedule and product quality
  • Easy transport by road and ship
  • Service for the entire compounding system from one supplier
  • Easy to plant and install by optimum integrated advance software control system and configuration.

  • Quick release clamps at feed hopper, degassing dome and atmospheric venting
  • Diverter valves
  • Wear and corrosion resistant screw elements
  • Barrel with oval liner

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Dust Collectors

The purity of bulk materials is a critical factor in the quality of the end product. Regardless of whether the focus is on minimizing product degeneration, cleaning products perfectly or determining the residual dust to comply with standards – Enge Plas´ solutions offer the optimal mix of many years of process competence and globally leading bulk materials expertise. Even at the design stage of the conveying plant, we ensure that dust generation will be minimized. For that reason, they select suitable pipe materials and flange connections and ensure conveying velocities to be in an acceptable range.

The use of hydraulic conveying systems is providing best results to meet the highest quality requirements. We have a range of equipment which includes sieves and separators for efficient cleaning of the product from dust and streamers.

  • Proven its efficiency over the years and has been continuously optimized.
  • Latest generation now provides two cleaning stages. With this the separating efficiency is further improved.
  • Highly-efficient diverting counter-flow elutriator is suitable for most pellets, has been optimized in terms of output and gas consumption and can be fed directly either pneumatically or gravimetrically from a hopper.
  • Throughput capacities of 120 t / h and more can be achieved.
  • Offers capacities of up to 100 t / h and is well suitable for separation of dust and streamers of very soft and brittle granular products.
  • Depending on type, this dedusting takes place in 1 or 3 cleaning stages.
  • Can be installed on the base, on the silo top or – depending on the available space – even between the silo and the tank car. It can also be supplied as a compact, transportable unit.
  • Also fed gravimetrically.
  • Used both to separate streamers and streamer conglomerates.
  • Used as a standalone or as part of a cleaning system, the drum sieve is a compact, service friendly unit with fully automatic cleaning of the sieves.
  • Used to determine the dust content in plastic pellets in accordance with the FEM 2482 standard.
  • Easy to operate, and in its compact desktop configuration it saves valuable working time because it requires minimal time to set up.

  • Proven its efficiency over the years and has been continuously optimized.
  • Latest generation now provides two cleaning stages. With this the separating efficiency is further improved.
  • Can be installed on the base, on the silo top or – depending on the available space – even between the silo and the tank car. It can also be supplied as a compact, transportable unit.
  • Good accessibility

  • Interconnecting tubing and fittings
  • Filter head for the cyclone
  • Sound dampening
  • Blower silencers

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Bulk Heat Exchangers

In many handling processes of bulk materials it is necessary to thermally treat powders or pellets, ie to cool or to heat them.

The heat exchangers Enge Plas supplies is a high-efficient cost-saving apparatus, compact in design. For many industries, eg plastics, food, fertilizer or chemical, this offers an ideal solution for thermally treating the respective bulk materials.


  • Original design was developed for free-flowing coarse powders and pellets.
  • Bulk material flows from top to bottom due to gravitational forces through the vertical tubes which are surrounded by a heating or cooling medium on the shell side.
  • As a result the bulk material is either heated or cooled.

Inline Gravity

  • If vertical installation in the process building is not possible due to lack of height, this can be used for free-flowing coarse powders and pellets.
  • Heat exchanger is then integrated into a pneumatic dilute-phase conveying system and the heat exchanger can be positioned as required.
  • Also attractive for retrofitted systems, as it can be installed during the ongoing production process at variable locations.


  • Developed especially for fine powders.
  • The principle of this is the direct installation of the heat exchanger in a vertical pneumatic conveying line.
  • Pneumatically conveyed powder is fed into the vertically positioned heat exchanger from below with the conveying gas.

  • Compact design without moving parts
  • Controlled discharge at outlet with metering devices(e.g. Rotary valve)
  • Inlet patented
  • Ideally suited for heat-sensitive
  • Remove trace volatile compounds
  • Low abrasion for bulk solid particles
  • Eliminating the need for electrical and/ or natural gas for blowers, rotors or others equipment operation.

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