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Shini welcomes significant and adaptable approaches to meeting all customer service objectives. Shini adheres to user-friendly concepts in product design, improving emerging technologies to maximise design humanization. Shini offers a one-stop shop for business collaboration, fostering long-term trust and friendship.To live as an industrial leader who satisfies not only employees and customers, but also shareholders and society, aim to become the world's most comprehensive "one-stop-shopping" provider of plastic material handling equipment and solutions. That is, as the cornerstone, give the greatest cost-performance and reliable products, excellent service and support, and freely service the global plastics sector. At the same time, it creates chances for both Malaysian workers and partners.

Main Products


The SEHD energy-efficient hopper dryer can be used for drying most non-hygroscopic materials, such as PS, PP, ABS, etc. The maximum drying temperature can reach 160℃ and it also can choose the optional double-layer insulation model to obtain uniform hopper temperature with less heat losses. Besides, multiple components are available as options that can recycle the hot air and filter the iron impurities in the material, which also can be installed on the ground with the floor stand.


SAL-U series self-contained hopper loaders are Euro design with stainless steel hopper to avoid material contamination. In addition, it has an attractive appearance, a sound-proof motor cover to reduce noise level and a top handle to enable convenient movement. Also the remote operation has been realized by using a detachable control panel.


SCM series volumetric doser is suitable for injection molding and extrusion blow molding occasions, which can be used for auto proportional mixing of virgin materials, regrinds, masterbatch, or additives. The injection molding mode supports multiple external signal input modes. The dual-doser is available for multiple component applications. SCM can work with the Venturi Loader VL to realize the auto conveying of the masterbatch to the dosing unit.

Industry Applications


The ST3-S series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of products from injection molding machine, and place them at desired locations. Apply to 2-plate mold or hot runner system. Capable of arranging, stacking, quality checking and in mold placement. Suitable for injection molding machine with clamping force under 300 tons.


SHTC-EM series of touch-panel temperature controller can control the temp. of 12 to 126 zones, and several of the units can be connected through the RS485 or Ethernet interface to achieve centralized monitoring function. It supports the setting of multiple groups’ control at one time that simplifies the operation processes.

Besides, with additional and practical current detecting functions, the unit is especially suitable for automobile industry, PET preform injection molding, medical consumables and other applications to realize one-stop control, and bring more benefits to this industry.


STM series mould temperature controllers work with heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium, which heats the mould and maintains its temperature for the right injection process. The series comes in three maximum temperature models: standard, high, and ultra-high temperature models. The standard model has a maximum working temperature of 200°C, the high model has a maximum working temperature of 300°C, and the ultra-high model has a maximum working temperature of 350°C.The heated oil is returned from the mould to the tank with cooling coils, and the oil can be chilled by indirect cooling with water. The high-pressure pump pressurizes the oil to the heating tank and the mould at a steady temperature with a precision of ±1℃. Hence, they can be used in other similar applications.

Components and Functionalities


The function of material distribution station is to distribute materials to corresponding storage hoppers. There are five models of SMDS series, each equipped with quick couplers, so the loading and unloading of material are convenient. The stainless steel is adopted for bulid of the station to eliminate material contamination.


It is applicable to centralized constant-pressure water supplying system that is suitable for large power, variable flow and frequent start occasions, which features high-efficient system and obvious energy-saving effect. It also can be used for reforming the water tank and other forms of water supply.


In a central loading system, the SCSF series central safety filter uses a large dust collector to filter dust and small contaminants in the material, effectively protecting the blower and extending its service life. The self-cleaning mechanism cleans the filter effectively by using an auto timer, which can reduce manual cleaning times. Equipped with a vacuum breaking valve to protect the blower while also increasing conveying and loading speed.