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For 35 years, we’ve lived and breathed conveying technology and everything associated with it, and nothing else piques our interest quite the same. From traditional tube chain conveyors, through mobile conveyor systems, all the way to perfectly coordinated bulk material handling, we have the right solution for you.

Main Products


Bulk material transportation made simple, dependable, and efficient.That's the guiding philosophy behind our tried-and-true Classic range, which employs a practical modular design to cover all standard applications in five various sizes.Gentle on your material, dustproof, and mostly self-cleaning. As if that weren't enough, the intelligent system that powers all of our equipment can handle any form of bulk material - even in ATEX compliance if necessary.Extremely low upkeep. Simple to use. They are quickly paying for themselves. Regardless of how you look at it, our systems are a wise investment for the future. Our line arrangements are virtually unrivalled in terms of adaptability, whether horizontal, upright, curved, or straight up.


Extremely flexible and straightforward bulk material handling with dust-free loading, virtually 100% residue emptying, and optional ATEX-compliant versions. All you need to bring is a 400 V outlet and Schrage will get your bulk material where it needs to be.

Just like our stationary conveyor systems, our mobile truck loading models comes with uncompromising quality, cost-cutting conveying technology, and worldwide service. That’s something you can expect from every single one of our mobile conveyor systems – all powered by Schrage, of course.

  • Casters, rails, or forklifts
  • One 400 V outlet is enough
  • Bag, manual, and big bag feeding
  • Abrasive, toxic, and chemically aggressive materials
  • Short handling times
  • Weatherproof and temperature-resistant
  • Long service life & high operational reliability


Bulk materials are not all the same, but that is precisely what we enjoy at Schrage - overcoming obstacles. Whether you're working with sludgy, sticky, hot, cold, hazardous, or delicious materials, you can be confident that we'll find the best solution for your needs. In the rare situation where our standard conveyors fall short, our CUSTOM line will pick up the slack to give the answer you require. At our technical centre, we'll analyse your bulk materials and establish how our equipment can best meet your product handling demands.

The enclosed design of our tubular drag chain conveyors is dustproof and, if required, gas-tight or watertight. It makes no difference if your item is very abrasive, poisonous, sticky, or chemically aggressive: you can be confident that it will be transported practically odorlessly. You can even purchase an ATEX-compliant system if necessary!

Industry Applications


Coffee, nuts, flour, raisins, cornflakes. Fine powder, shredded powder, coarse powder, sticky powder. Whatever your requirements are, you can be confident that our tubular drag chain conveyors for the food sector will meet them.


Preventing dust formation and dealing with considerable temperature fluctuations are critical considerations in the coal industry. Conveyors must also be able to transport small dusts as easily as coarse-grained bulk material. Our tubular drag chain conveyors can also readily remove filter dust at coal-fired power plants and hot ashes from furnaces because they are rated for temperatures as high as 350 °C.


The metal business necessitates technologies and materials that can survive harsh environments. Conveying bulk materials such as ore, dust, and slurries, in conjunction with high temperature changes, necessitates careful design and dependable engineering. Our tubular drag chain conveyors not only meet that criteria, but they may also be utilised to remove byproducts such as slag and filter dust.

Components and Functionalities


Our loading sets are characterized by many things, but one that stands out in particular is their compact design. The tapered discharge is rubberized to resist wear, and will adapt to any tank opening perfectly. On top of this, the sets feature comprehensive sensor systems and can reliably discharge sticky, granular, and solid products without a problem.

  • All parts made of stainless steel
  • Fill level sensors
  • A design that ensures ease of maintenance
  • Hand crank for lifting and lowering
  • Optional slack cable switch
  • Electrical with control pendant / wireless remote control
  • Can be retrofitted to electrical version
  • Intuitive operation
  • Food industry applications
  • Rotary paddle switch fill level monitoring indicator
  • Automatic monitoring with limit switches


Are you dealing with challenging bulk materials? Not a problem, we’ll help you come up with the perfect solution. For instance, our cell meters, which ensure reliable pre-metering in order to prevent system clogging and jams. That way, you can ensure that even highly pourable materials will be fed continuously and evenly.

  • Continuous material feed
  • Prevents overfilling
  • ST version: Wear-resistant base body & rotor
  • Compact design
  • Can be customized for any bulk material
  • Available in virtually any popular material


Excellent direction. Two-tracked. It might be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Dust-resistant and self-cleaning. Our two-way distributors' ease of maintenance guarantees that material flows may be dispersed at normal pressure, and their compact design allows for the integration of both pneumatic and electronic systems.

  • Single-hand maintenance opening operation
  • Top filter or external dust removal
  • Adjustable seal (eccentric)
  • Optional vibratory discharge accessories
  • Rocker device with pneumatic controls
  • User-friendly feed hopper
  • Grating for bag loading
  • Optional ATEX-compliant versions
  • Optional cross cutter for emptying single-use bags