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Pulsotronic, a subsidiary company of PHOENIX CONTACT PS Holding GmbH, is a worldwide active supplier of sensor technology and electric components for mobile machines, automation and automotive. According to our motto "Everything from one source - to your advantage." we are offering a huge range of innovation and modern technology. Situated in the strive industry region Chemnitz-Zwickau we develop and manufacture:

  • Inductive and capacitive sensors
  • Rotary angle sensors / encoder
  • Current transducers
  • Radar sensors
  • Magnetoresistive sensors
  • Optical sensors and laser measurement systems
  • Control units, Logical modules, Bus nodes
  • Ultrasonic and acoustic sensors
  • Sensors for inclination and accleration
  • Strain Transduser sensors
  • Customized sensor systems

Main Products


Pulsotronic offers a wide range of inductive proximity switches. This sensor type is mostly utilised in applications that require high dependability, high switching speed, high switching frequencies, and endurance. Our product line comprises cylindrical sensors ranging from G3 to M40, as well as square sensors measuring 5x5mm and 80x80mm.


Our product line includes forms ranging from 8mm to 25x30mm ashlar. Wood, paper, glass, plastic, food, and chemical industries are typical application areas.


Light sensors, light barriers, fork light barriers, and colour sensors were all part of the comprehensive programme of optoelectronic sensors. Optical sensors respond to light reflexion or hesitancy via capturing items. This sensor has a great coverage range of up to 100m and a switching speed of up to 500kHz.

Industry Applications


Data management, smart farming, precision farming.

The dynamically growing degree of automation in agricultural machinery requires comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and communication of the most varied of measured variables. Whether within the machine architecture or externally in the cloud - systems and solutions from PULSOTRONIC record, transport and control the characteristic values ​​in your application


Cloud solution, blockchain technology, big data.

Logistics 4.0 describes the networking and interlinking of processes, objects, supply chains and customers. Information and communication technologies with decentralized decision-making structures increase efficiency and effectiveness. The basis of digital logistics are processes and objects that can control and organize themselves and are therefore referred to as "smart" or "intelligent". PULSOTRONIC offers sensors and solutions, decentralized controls and systems up to the cloud.


Telematics, vehicle tracking, and autonomous driving.Commercial trucks are the intelligent backbone of logistics. Transport efficiency and the ability to plan for rising environmental demands on environmentally friendly freight transport necessitate near-complete openness and communication at every point along the freight route. CMS systems equipped with PULSOTRONIC sensors monitor vehicle conditions and operations, enabling preventive maintenance, and connect with data management.

Components and Functionalities


In automation technology, switching systems are local connections between periphery and superior control. Pulsotronic offers a wide range of M5, M8 and M12 switches with its corresponding connectors.


Touch sensors are mechanical precision switches with an accuracy until 0.5 µm. Our product range includes sensors in size M5 till M12. Optionally, there is a transistor output possible.


Ultrasonic sensors detect solid or fluid targets at a large distance, with little regard for surface properties. The sensors are outfitted with teach-in functionality and various interfaces. Pulsotronic ultrasonic sensors are distinguished by their high resolution (up to 0.2mm), excellent precision, and wide sensing ranges. We offer both digital and analogue outputs. Advantages: independent surface, visible object capability, contactless, long working intervals