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Niche Plas

NichePlas is a manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of the PurgeX®TM family of Purging Compounds made in Australia. PurgeX®TM Purging Compounds include PurgeX®TM T, S, and R grades for injection moulding, extrusion, and blow moulding applications, as well as PurgeX®TM A acrylic grades for compounding firms. NichePlas is an importer and distributor of specialty chemicals, plastic resins, and plastic films for the industrial market.

Main Products

PurgeX®™ T

For Injection Moulding (except where openings are less than 1.5mm)

PurgeX®™ S

For Extrusion, Blow Moulding, and Injection Moulding with Openings Less than 1.5mm

PurgeX®™ R

For Hot Runner Systems with a Minimum Clearance of 0.75mm

Industry Applications


Reflective films are multi-layered films incorporating glass beads and a mirror-reflective layer. They reflect light strongly when illuminated from the front or at an incident angle. Available in a range of colours, they have performance characteristics such as durability and reflectivity values engineered according to the requirements of the application.


These are quality, long-afterglow products, typically used for safety signage, and achieve glow times of at least 12 hours after as little as 5 minutes light activation.


These are quality, long-afterglow pigments, and achieve glow times of at least 12 hours after as little as 5 minutes light activation.

Components and Functionalities

PurgeX®™ A

PurgeX®™ A is cell cast acrylic in granular form. As distinct from the T, S and R grades, PurgeX®™ A grade is typically used in unblended form (i.e. at 100%) in extrusion and compounding processes.

PurgeX®™ A provides a gentle scrubbing effect to the screw and barrel and removes build up of carbonised material.

PurgeX®™ A softens but does not melt, therefore it provides a scrubbing effect – it does not scratch or wear the screw or barrel.