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At Monitor, we strive to provide you with practical solutions at every level,
whether it is a product or service. We believe that a practical solution in today’s market
is not just a plain, basic, mundane idea, but rather, a creative innovation wrapped in common sense,delivering the “exact” value that you require.

Main Products


·      Point Level Sensor for Bins, Silos, Hoppers andOther Vessels Storing Bulk Solids

·      Twist On/Off Cover - No More Bolts!

·      Motor Shuts Off When Paddle is Impeded toSignificantly Extend Motor Life and Reduce Maintenance Costs

·      Wiring Access: 2 Conduit Entrances

·      Competitive Price Makes The Monitor Bin LevelIndicator Your Best Value

·      Three Bearing Design With Sealed Bearings LastLonger

·      Built-In Slip Clutch Extends Life

·      Hazardous Location Approvals Available (ModelKAX has ATEX/IECex haz loc approvals)

·      Standard KA /KAX Units Rated to +300°F (+149°C

·      Hi-Temp Models Rated to +750°F (+399°C)

·      Unique Low Voltage DC Design Available


·      Weight and Cable-Based “Smart” Level Sensor IsUnaffected By Material Composition

·      Level Sensor Uses Innovative Hall EffectTechnology To Maximize Application Reliability By Effectively Regulating PowerTo Motor Under Varying Load Conditions

·      Wireless Bluetooth® set-up allows operator toutilize a free configuration app on an Android(TM)-based device with Bluetoothcapability to easily configure the SMU set-up.

·      Widened array of programmable features includingcable cycle limit and relay output for high or low distance thresholdsetting, error indication or cycle operate.

·      Modbus(TM) connectivity lets RS-485 version ofthe SMU communicate with existing control systems

·      Measuring Range Up To 150 feet (46m) For PowderBulk Solids Material Levels In Bins And Silos. (Works For Some Liquid &Slurry Applications With Optional Ball Float Plumb Bob)
Industry–Best Measurement Resolution Of 1/100’ (0.12”; 3mm)

·      Virtually Maintenance-Free

·      Split-Compartment Enclosure Isolates ElectronicsAnd Measurement Optics From Process Material

·      Uniquely Designed Wiper Seal Compartment ForFast, Easy Servicing or Replacement If Necessary

·      RS-485 And Analog Sensor Outputs Available

·      Hazardous Location Sensor Version


The HumiCore in-line moisture measurement sensor ensures product quality by measuring the moisture inside the material core…not just the surface. It is a reliable, continuous on-line system that provides real-time data. Allows for automation of drying or moisturizing at different points in processes to minimize energy costs and maximize profits. The well-designed compact sensor, which is easy to install and calibrate, works with a large variety of powders and bulk solid materials. The HumiCore is available in an Ultra version with a controller for local interface and data logging or a Pro version with a DIN-Rail transmitter for easy integration into an existing control system.

Industry Applications


Many plastic processors with multiple manufacturing locations have this problem. The solution for Nursery Supplies was the implementation of a RMI (Remote Managed Inventory) system. Monitor Technologies specializes in RMI and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) systems using the SiloPatrol® inventory monitoring system with SiloTrack™ inventory management software. SiloTrack software enables local control and interface of the sensors and provides for communication to remote locations with its Client software. Nursery Supplies has a total of over thirty (30) SiloPatrol® sensors in use at four (4) facilities. Each facility uses the SiloTrack™ Server software and the Client software is also installed at the corporate location for central purchasing use. The Client software interfaces with the Server software at each facility via dial-up, LAN or WAN connections. Nursery Supplies has been able to reap the benefits by being able to automatically view inventory levels at all facilities and place orders accordingly. Nursery Supplies indicates that "Monitor's SiloPatrol/SiloTrack RMI solution is an economical, accurate and trouble-free measuring system”.


Many Food industry manufacturers, including snack food manufacturers, have found a solution with the TrueCap® Model MK-2 RF capacitance point level sensor.

The MK-2 sensor combines a unique automatic temperature compensation function, a state-of-the-art microcontroller and the use of high quality industrial and mil-spec electronic components to ensure stable calibration to within its specification of +/- 0.01pf per degree F (0.018pf per degree C).

The TrueCap MK-2 also uses surface-mount components and provides a universal power supply and high-intensity LED’s for local indication of material presence/absence (ordinary location units only).

The MK-2 is available in a wide variety of probe configurations including food-grade acceptable materials of construction. The MK-2 has been providing stable installations free of re-calibration for several years.


Bins in a seed treatment system may not be very large.  In this specific application the largest measuring range needed was 15.75’ (4.8m) and the shortest measuring range was 5.25’ (1.6m).  With measurement accuracy to 0.8” (20mm) and measurement technology that works at the speed of light, guided wave radar proved to be the best solution.  This seed treatment operation utilizes a total of fifteen (15) Flexar® guided wave radar continuous level sensors.  These instruments use TDR (time domain reflectometry) technology.  The distance/level of the seed is measured by the time-of-flight of the reflection of a microwave signal (1Ghz), transmitted down the wave-guide at the speed of light, off the material surface.  The sensor cable probe is a heavy-duty 0.3” (8mm) diameter stainless steel cable.  The seed in this application is corn and has a bulk density of about 45 lbs/ft3 and a dielectric constant of about 5.0.

The signal from the Flexar level sensors indicates the seed dielectric was actually about 3.5.  The signal diagram indicates the measurement reflection as well as the reflection from the top and bottom of the counterweight.  The time lag from the material level to the counterweight was due to the material presence.

This was an excellent application for guided wave radar technology and the units are functioning to specification.

Components and Functionalities


·       Economical Point LevelDetection in Bins and Hoppers

·       Ideal for Plugged ChuteApplications

·       Industry's PreferredDiaphragm Switch for Over 35 Years

·       Pressure-SensingOperation

·       Provides"green" Operation With No Power Consumption

·       Low-Profile,Non-Intrusive Mounting

·       Adjustable Sensitivity

·       Over-PressureProtection

·       Unique ExternalInstallation and Maintenance

·       Multiple DiaphragmMaterials

·       Ultra-Sensitive Switchfor Lightweight Materials

·       HYCAR® Protective Coverfor More Abrasive Materials (Optional)


·       Non-contact levelmeasurement solution...nothing to "touch" your process.

·       Real-time continuousoutput provides immediate level measurements.

·       No moving parts to wearwhich leads to long operational life and low maintenance.

·       Proven microwave"pulse" technology for dependable measurements

·       Easy set-up /configuration with LCD push button display module (included)

·       Small beam angle tocentralize energy for high accuracy and reliability with materials having a wide range of characteristics.

·       Minimal "deadband" ("blanking zone") for optimum measurement in vessel.

·       Gimbal (swivel) styleprocess connection allows for aiming antenna for added measurement accuracy andavoiding internal obstacles, flow streams, etc..

·       Advanced microprocessorand unique echo processing technology provide for reliable operation undervarious process conditions.

·       "Pulse"technology results in extremely low emission power; is harmless towards theenvironment and human beings.

·       Can be provided with avariety of antennas and process connections - Small antenna sizes (diameters)for easy mounting.

·       Air purge or dustshield options to optimize sensor performance in dusty conditions.

·       Suitable for mostpowder / bulk solids applications in storage vessels up to 98.5 ft. (30m) highwith 5 inch dia. antenna.

DUST TRENDTM ES Dust Emission Trend Monitor

The Dust TrendTM ES provides continuous dust / particulate trend measurements that allow plant operators to identify changes in dust / particulate emission levels and optimize the facility's filtration systems. Also provides early dust leak detection for baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector system. The sensor uses proven AC Triboelectric technology with advanced algorithms to filter out noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement. The "ES" stands for Easy Set-up since you simply press a button to enable the automatic calibration.