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Haver & Boecker

Haver & Boecker Niagara is a leading provider in screening, pelletizing and primary crushing systems. The company’s mission is to deliver the best of these technologies to customers in the mining, aggregates, minerals, cement, building materials, fertilizer and salt. With deep roots and years of experience in these industries, Haver & Boecker Niagara uses its innovative and shared technologies to effectively meet the needs of customers around the world.

Main Products

Wire mesh products

Technical wire mesh is used in almost all industries in various designs. For example, for screening, filtration and measurement technology in the chemical, plastics and automotive industries, aerospace, electronics, the food industry and many other sectors. In addition, architects and use the aesthetic properties of our metal mesh for their design projects and tasks. We supply them in rolls, cut to size, assembled and plastic-moulded parts or further processed in other forms – always in accordance with your individual requirements and optimised for the respective application.

The ROTO-PACKER® RV series for valve bags

The ROTO-PACKER® RV series with up to 16 filling spouts packs your cement, building material or chemical products into valve bags with a capacity between 1,000 and 6,000 bags/hour. (17-100 bags/min.). The valve bags can be made of paper, woven PP or even film. The automatic packaging machine can be upgraded with an ultrasonic sealing device packaging is safe, clean and profitable.

Measure the bulk density

If you know the loose bulk density of a product, you can control the uniformity of the structure of the bulk material. With the HAVER bulk density tester you can reproducibly determine even the bulk density of poorly flowing, cohesive, lumpy or fragile bulk materials. The procedure is based on DIN ISO 697 or ISO 60. An additional precision weigher gives you absolute safety.

Industry Applications


Two key quality features for any production equipment you use in food manufacturing are safety and cleanliness: The materials used must not release any components onto food that endanger human health. Equally, they must not bring about an unacceptable change in the composition or any impairment of the organoleptic food properties (smell, taste, appearance). At Haver & Boecker we manufacture easy-to-clean stainless steel wire screen for use in food production that meet the specifications of European and German regulations. In cooking, it is the pinch of salt that makes a perfect meal. In the production of food, precise manufacturing processes and systems already create the basis for later enjoyment. Be it in the preparation or processing of solid and liquid raw materials or in the correct packaging of foodstuffs.


Our vision is the "cement plant of the future". This means: we make existing plants better and more effective by equipping them with the latest technology and creating a perfect process. Packaging becomes cleaner and more sustainable, handling safer and more resource-efficient, logistics more reliable and to the point. You benefit from automated processes, from systems that communicate with you, that you control, monitor and optimism digitally. Create your Sales Plant with us and define your standard for the optimal shipping process in terms of cleanliness, security, reliability and sustainability. This is your basis for supplying cement of high quality with reduced operating costs to your satisfied customers.


All products from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors have the same purpose: they serve our health. For this reason, the aspects safety and quality already have top priority in the manufacture of these products. For us at Haver & Boecker, that means: in the production of medical technology components and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, our entire manufacturing processes are subject to extremely high quality requirements as well as the strictest testing procedures. Three practical examples show how wire mesh filters set standards in medical technology and are superior to other materials. In addition, you will learn in the free white paper how filter components made out of wire mesh contribute to optimal product quality and patient care.

Components and Functionalities


POROSTAR® filter elements made from metal wire mesh laminated panels consist of a large number of wire mesh layers that are firmly bonded together by diffusion. After initial heat treatment, the mesh laminates are sintered a second time. This duo-sintering technique leads to a firm connection of the layers. As a filter medium, HAVER POROSTAR® enables you to achieve foreign particle-free filtration in the range < 1 µm to 200 µm. No particles come loose, even at the maximum operating pressure.

PLYMESH aeration cushion

PLYMESH has defined pore sizes between 5 and 500 micrometres. Unlike powder metallurgy products, the pore geometry is uniform. The surface is smooth, with flattened crests of the outer wire cloth layers, so that no material adheres.The physical characteristics of the individual PLYMESH grades in terms of pore size and flow rate can be defined in advance with a view to the desired performance.

Niagara F-Class Eccentric Inclined Screen

The Niagara F-Class vibrating screen offers the ideal solution for challenging screening applications requiring consistent performance, load independence and minimal vibration transmission into the structure.The Niagara F-Class vibrating screen offers the ideal solution for challenging screening applications requiring consistent performance, load independence and minimal vibration transmission into the structure.