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Hanwha Corporation is a large business conglomerate in Seoul, South Korea, founded by Kim Chong-Hee in 1952. Hanwha Robotics is one of Hanwha Precision Machinery's associate firms. Hanwha provides Collaborative Robot solutions and actively develops advanced robots that combine Hanwha’s AI technology with its mobility capabilities.

Hanwha Collaborative Robot (Cobot) can be applied to various processes, from simple tasks like pick & place and palletizing all the way to screwing, polishing, and dispensing. It is applicable to any industry, ranging from automotive and electronics to food and pharmaceutical.

Main Products

It is no longer difficult to automate. The collaborative robot HCR is simple to operate and adapts to changes in production layout, effectively lowering investment and operating costs. It not only automates physical labour but also creates a safe and comfortable working environment.


Table-top cobot HCR-3A provides the optimal solution to whom needs the proximate co-worker. Easily installed and operated in internal area. It suitable for light-weight handling tasks of electronic industry such as inspection, screw driving and assembly.


This is a perfect choice to collaborate with employees. For almost every industry and application, it improves working environment and let people concentrate on value-added work. It is suitable for pick & place, welding and inspection to increase productivity of manufacturing line.


This series has the widest working radius and a largest payload of all the entire series. It is most effective in automotive or metal processing industries, which deal with heavy and dangerous tasks such as loading & unloading metal materials. This cobot can make your working environment safer.

Industry Applications

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery envisions a future workshop in which collaborative robots work alongside humans. Human operators can be replaced by robots in tedious, repetitive, and risky professions, allowing your staff to focus on high-value-added tasks while working in a safe environment. It also provides straightforward control and re-deployment to other apps. Hanwha Corporation/Machinery's simple, safe, and adaptable HCR collaborative robot efficiently automates your manufacturing line.


-Automate palletizing and de-palletizing process of box type parcel.

-Does not require much space nor safety fence.

-Suitable for auto parts, food, timber, metal and furniture.

Part Assembly

-For screwing and assembling components.

-System that can be configured with diverse tools to suit different assembly processes.

-Achieves high quality precise positioning and uniform strength in complex assemblies.

Pick & Place

-Suitable for all industries.

-Easy programming and flexible set-up, maximizing productivity in the small-batch production system.

-The six joints of HCR can transfer and load products of diverse angles and positions.

Components and Functionalities

In recent years, the lines between industrial, collaborative, and service robots have blurred. Hanwha develops, manufactures, and distributes HCR cobots that are safe and lightweight and may be used in a variety of industrial and service applications. Hanwha offers not only a robot, but also robotic solutions, user software, vision system packages, and machine integration packages - all of which facilitate and enforce ease of use.

Teach Pendant (Rodi-X)

-HCR is easy to programming by HCR graphical user interface software.

-Timeline basis programming allows users to intuitively monitor the workflow.

-User grasps the robot and directly teaches the waypoint or the motion path to the robot.

Auto Position Calibration

-Using 2D image & QR code vision recognition

-Suitable for intermittent production of limited items.

3D Visual Safety

-Safe to install the robot right next to the operator as robot stops when it detects an external collision.

-Adopting two 2D camera to create safety zone.