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What started in 1983 with a vision of a new technical concept and with Detlef Gneuss´ entrepreneurial ambition and his wife, Christel Gneuss´ energetic support, the company has grown to an internationally active company, with innovations which have set world standards for the processing of polymer melts.

From the very beginning, the aim was to become the world market leader in the field of polymer melt filtration and to be a leading specialist for high quality, specialized pressue and temperature sensors. The first target markets were the extrusion of profiles, pipes, sheet and the manufacture of compounds.

The Gneuss technical concepts and products started to establish themselves successfully in the market, because they were able to offer previously unobtainable solutions for processing problems thanks to completely new technical approaches. Definitions such as “constant melt filtration” and “pressure and process-constant” became the yardstick which the competition had to measure it’s products by.

In the area of pressure and temperature sensors, Gneuss was the first company in the world to introduce a mercury-free melt pressure transducer and a melt temperature sensor with a ceramically-insulated tip.

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