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Choice Bagging Equipment (CBE)

Since 1978, Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd, bag packaging systems have been the family business.
From the beginning, our overriding passion has been to provide unparalleled solutions and services
for flexible packaging that exceed customer expectations by continually renewing and improving
our understanding of our customer’s needs and deploying time-tested, common sense solutions and proven technologies.

Main Products

Clean-Duty Auger Valve Bag Filler

The Clean-Duty Auger Valve Bag Filler is designed to bag a wide variety of powders requiring rapid and thorough clean out between production runs.  Model 2050 is ideal for sanitary applications or for any need where cleaning after use is necessary to prevent cross-contamination.  Interior moving parts such as the auger and agitator blades are quickly and deftly removed for cleanup and inspection.

Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filler

The Model 5100 Bulk Bag Filler is configurable for many types of powders, flakes and granules.  It is best suited for low to moderate output requirements.  The use of slide gates, augers, or rotary air locks for feeding greatly increases its material handling range.  A digital scale fills bags accurately with tight tolerances.  The continuously welded, heavy wall, tubular support framework provides durability and reliability.  An inflatable bag seal cuff securely holds the bag neck for dust-free filling.  The 5100 also offers options to increase efficiency including a pre-fill inflator that stretches bags to full capacity and a densifier integrated into the scale to settle material during filling.

Digital Gravity Open Mouth Bag Filler

The Model GWB Gravity Open Mouth Bag Filler uses gravity to package medium to high density granulated, free-flowing materials at moderate speeds.  It is very easy to use and highly reliable.  The scale has a digital display to keep weights accurate and within tolerances.  All air operated functions allow for quick bag fill cycles to maximize production.  An air operated clamp securely holds up to 60 lb. bags from the loading spout.  The three-position gravity gate with closed, open, and variable intermediate settings allows precise control over material flow.  A minimum of moving parts makes maintenance easy.

Industry Applications


CBE proposed a system designed to include vertical impeller packers featuring a specially designed bag discharge carriage that used parallel linkage to rock the bag back off the spout in a vertical orientation before lowering the bag onto a takeaway conveyor, bottom end first, that would take it away to the bag palletizer.  Additionally, CBE equipped the machine with an inflatable bag seal and spout purge assembly that simultaneously prevented displaced dusty air from escaping the valve of the bag during the filling process and cleared the spout of the product after each bag fill.  An integrated reclaim screw system located under the takeaway conveyor caught and automatically recycled it to the supply hopper so it could be packed again.


CBE designed a system with three (3) of its Model 730 Pressure Flow Air Packers integrated with an automatic robotic valve bag placer. The Model 730 had several distinct advantages for the application. First, each of the three (3) machines was capable of filling 6 bags per minute each (18 BPM total) on 50 Lb. bags which would easily meet the production requirement. Second, because the Model 730 uses a fluidizing air slide to convey the material and has no internal moving parts, no motors driving mechanical blades or flights shafts, maintenance was greatly reduced.


Choice Bagging Equipment designed and implemented a Model 650 Gravity Auger Filler that featured a scale integrated auger feeder that would start and stop empty. A gravity gate would open at the beginning of each bag fill cycle and drop the desired amount of material into the auger feeder. Because the auger feeder was integrated into the weighing scale, any potential influences caused by the motion of the auger driving material into the bag were mitigated. Additionally, a specialized bag densification system was installed underneath the bag rest which helped to create additional space inside the bag so that the full weight could be filled into the bag, largely reducing the bag stuffing problem. The combination of these two design features completely solved the problems with weight inaccuracies, the additional room created inside the bag by the bag densifier also allowed bags to be filled faster and more cleanly.

Components and Functionalities

304 Series Incline Bag Flattener Conveyors

304 Series Incline Bag Flattener Conveyors remove excess air from bagged product, providing superior bag shaping uniformity. This both improves the appearance of the loaded pallet, and makes it more stable during transport. CBEs design allows for quick & easy adjustment for various bag thicknesses, and is not fixed to lower conveyors, allowing optimum flexibility in bag shaping. The 304 Series Conveyors are available with 24” belt widths in frame lengths of 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’.

Model Pro Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Model PRO Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper is a highly efficient, cost-effective pallet wrapping machine. It’s easy to use and has a fully customizable wrapping program. Operating it is simple: a worker places a filled pallet on the turntable and pushes a button initiating the pre-set wrapping cycle.  Model PRO then automatically affixes the lead end of the stretch film to the pallet, wraps it, and finally trims the film as the machine completes its routine. The wrapped pallet can then be removed to make room for the next one. Up to 15 pallets can be wrapped per hour.

Model 4600 Pinch Bottom Bag Closer

The Model 4600 Pinch bottom bag closer is used to close pre-glued stepped-end multi-wall paper bags.  It produces sift resistant bag closure for a wide array of products from food ingredients, industrial chemicals, pet food, pesticides and fertilizers at rates of up to 20 bags per minute.