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Bunting® has always been about solving problems with magnetic energy for manufacturers for several industries. The company, headquartered in Newton, Kansas, has multiple locations including Bunting-Elk Grove Village; Bunting-DuBois; Bunting-Berkhamsted and Bunting-Redditch in the United Kingdom; Victoria, Australia; and Ningbo, China.

In 1979, we moved our manufacturing operations from Chicago, Illinois, to Newton, Kansas. Here, we design and manufacture magnetic separation, metal detection and material handling equipment as well as a complete line of printing cylinders. With a team of engineers using world-class, computer-aided design equipment, we can customize and develop products to fit any application or production line.

Main Products

HISC® High Intensity Separation Conveyor®

The first of its kind in the industry, the HISC® High Intensity Separation Conveyor® incorporates extremely high gauss fields, neodymium rare earth magnets, and a field-tested design to achieve maximum stainless steel separation of Small Fraction stainless steel and ICW Purification of stainless and ferrous dirt before Chopping. Through Bunting® Magnetics Engineering and Magnetic Finite Element Design software technology, we have developed technology to attract, hold and extract paramagnetic work-hardened 300 stainless steel metal from your product stream. Our High Intensity Separation Conveyor is designed for the ASR (Auto Shredder Residue) Industry for attracting, recovering and purification of Zurik small fraction stainless and cleaning the stainless steel and ferrous dirt from ICW in pre-chopping applications


Bunting’s pneumatic metal detection and separation equipment detects and rejects all ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel metal contamination within enclosed pipe systems. They are ideal for implementation in pressure, suction, or vacuum conveyor lines. All systems are easy to operate, maintenance free and quick-acting.

By providing efficient pneumatic metal detection and separation that is easy to install within your facility and integrate with your pre-existing equipment, you will be able to protect your product purity as well as the other equipment in your facility. If metal contamination is allowed to remain in your material, it can cause severe damage to the other equipment in your facility that leads to costly repairs and downtime. Additionally, if metal is allowed to remain in product, it can compromise the integrity of your product and severely damage your brand reputation.


In-line magnets from Bunting provide effective, high-strength magnetic separation that is simple to install and integrate into your existing systems. Bunting's invention requires minimal maintenance other than removing the ferrous metal pollution it traps. Bunting's in-line magnetic separation equipment is designed with full-flow architecture, which allows the product stream to flow freely. Food, grain and milling, powder and bulk, polymers, and recycling are all industries that can benefit from in-line magnets.

Industry Applications


Bunting has been a prominent supplier of high quality magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling equipment to customers in the plastics sector for almost 60 years. In addition, we provide top-of-the-line magnetic printing cylinders for plastic decorating to the plastics sector. Bunting's extensive line of magnetic separation and metal detection solutions will help you protect your equipment from the costly repairs that metal contamination can cause. Metal contamination in material can cause serious damage to expensive speciality equipment such as blow moulding, injection moulding, extrusion, and compounding machinery if allowed to persist.


Recycling is an industry that can take various forms, and all forms of recycling are in great demand in today's climate. Whether you recycle plastic or glass, work in an auto shredding or municipal facility, handle stainless steel or insulated copper wire—Bunting can provide recycling equipment solutions for your specific recycling application to purify your product or protect your equipment. We aim to be a "one-stop shop" for recycling equipment and an innovative, all-in-one source for magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling goods. Bunting offers comprehensive solutions that prioritise safety, accuracy, and efficiency. We take pride in working closely with customers to build unique equipment that exactly meets their demands. This allows our product to integrate seamlessly with the existing components of the recycling environment, as well as providing the best suited equipment for handling the material the customer is working with.


With over 60 years of experience in the industry of manufacturing magnetic technologies for the food industry, you can rely on incomparable dependability, customer service and, most importantly, quality. Bunting® is dedicated to seeking out new ways to help food manufacturers streamline their facilities.

The Food Industry specifically uses Bunting® Magnetic Separation Systems, Material Handling Equipment, Metal Detection Equipment, Magnetic Cylinders, Bonded Magnets, and Assemblies. Our products can help you remove and transport the metals out of bakery goods, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, cooking oil and various other solid and liquid food products. Below you will see how we use different products in order to make your plant safer and more efficient.

Components and Functionalities


Bunting® offers America’s most complete line of permanent magnetic conveyors and conveyor components for the Metal Stamping Industry. Utilizing standard, pre-engineered components, Bunting offers conveyors to handle virtually any type of ferrous part or scrap by tailoring the physical dimensions to fit the application. Even plastic assemblies with minimal ferrous components in them, like circuit breakers, can easily be conveyed with the magnetic rails with positive control. You can also save valuable floor space by moving materials vertical or up and over a machine. Magnetic conveyors help maintain a steady, uninterrupted flow of material and product often at higher rates than are practical with non-magnetic units.


The Gaylord cleaning station detects and removes any metal that the supplier may have missed by running all inbound material through it. Gaylord cleaning stations are also valuable since they can be used to recover good material from product that has been rejected by other metal detectors. If every line in your plastic plant rejects metal as it should, you are wasting good material that could be used to produce money. As Gaylords or bins get full with rejected or potentially unclean material, the Gaylord cleaning station can assist in reclaiming much of that plastic. Good plastic can be salvaged by taking soiled Gaylords and passing their material through the cleaning station, ensuring that there is no metal in the cleaned plastic.


Bunting offers a variety of plate-based magnetic separators that can be utilised in a wide variety of applications and with a wide variety of materials. All plate magnets are intended for tramp metal capture in gravity free-fall applications. Metal-detectable gaskets and grommets are regular features in plate magnet housing.