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Bishamon Industries Corporation is dedicated to producing high-quality, creative ergonomic products that improve worker safety and productivity. Through continual improvement and customer contact, we aim to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of quality, delivery, and value.

Main Products


Bishamon’s MobiLift™ scissor lift tables minimize lifting, reaching and stretching by allowing workers to easily move and position loads. They are designed with improved ergonomics, rugged construction, and high quality materials for excellent performance and reliability.

MobiLift tables are available in a variety of capacities and raised heights, and can satisfy a wide range of applications. All models are made with heavy-duty materials and include captured scissor rollers for maximum stability. They feature high quality casters and wheels for excellent maneuverability, and a foot actuated caster brake. All MobiLift tables are powder coated for an attractive durable finish.


The Bishamon BS Series Blue Label Pallet Trucks are simple to use and extremely robust. These premium pallet trucks include many features that are not available on most comparable models, and they have unrivalled rollability.They are designed and built to transport palletized items easily. Bishamon's BS Series pallet trucks are projected to outlast competing models that promise equal quality due to the use of high-grade components and innovative manufacturing procedures.Pallet trucks are totally rebuildable and will provide many more years of valuable service. Blue Label Pallet Trucks come in three sizes, with two fork widths, four fork lengths, and two fork heights. A heavy duty type boosts capacity to 6,500 pounds, while a low profile model reduces fork height to 2 inches.


The Lift Pilot is not like any other pallet positioner on the market. It is pallet truck accessible and provides completely unimpeded access with no ramps, bumps, or obstacles. Pan lifts, "C" lifts, "E" lifts, and all other roll-on lifts are rendered obsolete by this compact, obstruction-free design. The unique space-saving design, with the industry's smallest footprint, allows the operator full access to the pallet sides and ends for quick pallet loading or unloading, avoiding reach-over.The Lift Pilot's revolutionary design integrates various clever features like as telescopic forks, pallet presence sensors, and a patented, foot-clear safety system. The operator has complete access to the sides and ends of the pallet for convenient loading and unloading. GMA pallets from the end and CHEP pallets from the end are handled. Intelligent design and operator interface: Pallet presence sensors, Highly visible function lights at top of mast & Voice instructions. Designed to operate with the worker in mind. The Bishamon Lift Pilot is truly the next generation of smart ergonomic equipment

Industry Applications


  • Floor Level Pallet & Skid Positioner
  • LIFTING CAPACITY - Hydraulic Capacity = 2500 Lbs @ 24" Load Center
  • FORK TYPE - Electro-Mechanically Driven Forks
  • SAFETY - Post And Toe Guard Anchored To Floor
  • Issued Patents: United States No. 9,963,333; Australia No. 2015355255 And Canada No. 2,969,828. Other Patents Pending.


  • CAPACITY ADJUSTMENT - New Advanced Design Allows Capacity Adjustment Without Changing Air Pressure
  • CAPTIVE AIR SYSTEM - Captive Air System Eliminates Cumbersome Mechanical Springs
  • ENHANCED ERGONOMICS - Integral Turntable Top For Enhanced Ergonomics
  • MODELS - The EZ Loader® Is Available In 5 Different Models.
  • Issued Patents: United States No. 8,851,237; Australia No. 2011243121; Canada No. 2,789,817; European Patent No. 2560915. Granted With Effect In France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom.


  • LOAD CAPACITIES - Easily Adjustable With Load Capacities To 880 Lbs.
  • SELF-LEVELING - Self-Leveling Platform For Improved Ergonomics
  • EASY MOBILITY - Premium Casters And Push Handle For Easy Mobility
  • MODELS - The MobiLeveler Is Available In Single And Dual Spring Models

Components and Functionalities


The Bishamon LV and LVE Skid Lifts are fork-style lifts that raise loads to a comfortable working height. These lifts decrease worker injuries and increase productivity by allowing for easy mobility. They come in eight different versions, with both wide and narrow fork widths and two capacity to accommodate practically any application.Our main competitive advantage is our lower captured roller channel, which gives enhanced stability and is considerably safer to use.

Skid lifts are designed to undertake heavy-duty, difficult tasks. The frame and forks are composed of high gauge steel with strong welding, and the bottom captured roller channel adds stability. Superior hydraulics combined with twin heavy-duty lifting chains result in a shorter lift stroke and less cylinder wear. The high-quality baked enamel coating guards against harsh working conditions. Bishamon skid lifts will last for years with little upkeep.


The Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter is extremely safe and simple to operate. It has a spinning platform with a proprietary feet-clear safety circuit that stops the platform 9 inches above the floor automatically to prevent foot accidents. It also has safety warning lights and an alarm that warns the operator when it is about to lower from the intermediate safety stop.The EZ-Off Lifter features a 40.5 in. revolving disc supported by 32 precise ball bearings. An electric motor drives the hydraulic lift and lowering. It also has an integrated approach ramp that allows pallet trucks to easily enter the platform.


The Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter is extremely safe and simple to operate. Its OPTIMUS® and LK-Series lift tables are meticulously designed for quality and worker safety.These scissor lift work positioners are unrivalled in terms of performance and value.They increase worker productivity and safety by minimising unnecessary lifting, bending, and stretching, which can lead to tiredness and injury.