Feeders & Dosing Systems

Rotary Valves

Rotary valves control product flow rate from silos and hoppers into conveying lines. They maintain a gas pressure differential between the inlet and outlet. And act as an explosion barrier, flame barrier and process isolator.

Enge Plas supplies a variety of rotary valves for applications across different industries. From plastics to chemicals, food to minerals. The design of our rotary valves allows for quick and easy maintenance. Our rotary valves also set standards on high pressures and wear protection.  

Innovative technology allows best operational reliability and sanitary production. Options include sanitary and flameproof designs and ATEX conformity.

Operating Temperature
  • Standard Version -20°C up to 60°C
  • Option 1: Up to 220°C
  • Option 2 (High temperature): From 220°C

  • Max capacity through ideal ratio of rotor volume and inlet cross-section
  • Operation possible without leaking gas venting
  • Large inlet - unrestricted product flow & high filling efficiency
  • Patented anti-chopping inlet geometry - protect material integrity
  • Safe starting under full product load

  1. Rotor Options:
  • C-Rotor
  • Closed end rotor with wide end plates
  • Axial fitted with a narrow gap
  • Used for abrasive products
  • X–Rotor
  • Closed end rotor with additional blades on both sides
  • Used for fibrous products

  1. Blade Options:
  • Chamfered Blades
  • Reduction of the surface by relief grinding
  • Decrease of the friction with powders
  • Scraper Blades
  • Scraper blades for scraping of build-ups in the housing bore
  • Used for adhesive and sticky products
  • Shallow Pockets (F-design)
  • For better discharge performance or volume reduction
  • Used for adhesive and slightly cohesive products
  • Seal Purge
  • Gas purged labyrinth rings to protect the shaft seal at open-end rotors for powder application

  1. Quick Cleaning Options:
  • 1 Execution
  • rotor can be dismantled at the quick cleaning execution without any adjustment
  • 2 Execution
  • Single sided coupling at the rotor shaft
  • Side cover and rotor can be dismantled as unit
  • 3 Execution
  • Double sided coupling at the rotor shaft
  • Side cover and rotor can be dismantled as single parts

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Feeders & Dosing Systems

At Enge Plas, we offer a widest range of dosing & feeding solutions. Our solutions are applicable in a wide variety of industries and applications. Applicable for batch or continuous, offline or online processes.

No two process applications are the same, and feeding and dosing requirements vary. From chocolate chips to fiberglass, sticky powders, flakes, plastic regrind and waxy liquids. Different bulk solids flow behaviour vary depending on material properties and particle geometry. Feeder design and sizing depend on the material characteristics and throughput requirements.

Depending on application, our feeders and dosing equipment are volumetric, gravimetric or optometric. Designs vary from single to twin screw feeders, vibratory to weigh belts feeders. Or even bulk solids pumps, liquid feeders and flow meters. Finishing are standard or higher polish levels and ground welds for food applications. There are even special feeders developed for strict  pharmaceutical hygiene requirements.

  • Single / Twin Screw Feeders
  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) Feeders
  • Weigh Belt Feeders
  • Loss-in-Weight Belt Feeders
  • Liquid Loss-in-Weight Feeders
  • Smart Flow Meters

  • Set & accurately achieve desired additive feeding & dosing capacities
  • Reduce high additive costs through overfeeding
  • Reduce rejects with under-dosing
  • Precise formulation & consistent additive flow, of batch & continuous processes
  • Production traceability - data logging, tracing errors & process control
  • Recipe creation & management, locally & remotely
  • Password protected operator & supervisor controls
  • Easy cleaning & quick change of additives

  • Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeders
  • Micro-ingredient and Compact Feeders
  • Quick Change Feeders
  • Pharmaceutical Feeders

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