13. Robotics Automation

Collaborative Robot

A Cobot, or collaborative robot, is a robot that is meant to facilitate human-robot interaction to automate processes and assist employees in a shared environment. On a more technical level, what makes a robot collaborative is its ability to recognise aberrant behavior in its surroundings via force restriction or visual monitoring.

Enge Plas provides the cobot optimal solution for virtually every industry and application that requires employee collaboration. It is simple to install and operate, even in confined spaces such as those found inside industrial machines. Cobot is suitable for a variety of electronic handling tasks, including pick & place, packaging, pelletising, injection molding, as well as for heavy metal products. Experiment with Cobot in your manufacturing facility and witness its remarkable effects.

  • Pick & Place Tracking Cobot
  • Packaging & Palletising Cobot
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Cobot
  • Machine Tending Cobot
  • Quality Inspection Cobot
  • Main operational component with six-axis articulation.
  • Robot AI 3D Vision with Graphical User Interface(GUI) support.
  • Automated mobile robot and laser guided.
  • Compact body and flexible mounting option.
  • Specialised Robot CCTV monitoring service.
  • Re-programming robot solution without expert.
  • It is safe to install the robot next to the operator, as the robot will automatically stop if it detects an external collision.
  • Lightweight and convenient to install, capable of being moved and repositioned as needed.

  • Gripper
  • In-Sight Vision System
  • Cobot Palletiser
  • Loading Table
  • Torque Sensor Kit
  • Vibration Feeder
  • Quick Changer Arm

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