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Kice Industries has been family-owned since 1946. Over the years, our team has grown well beyond fathers and sons. Today it consists of over 300 people whose diverse talents, passions, experiences and backgrounds help drive our success. We are very fortunate to employ so many high-quality individuals, who operate under the guidance of a solid leadership team. We define our company culture in many ways: It's how we collaborate and support one another. It's our belief in what we do, and the satisfaction we get when Kice solutions make people's lives easier. It is also the values that motivate us to constantly do our best. This is more than a day job because of the culture. We couldn't manufacture the industry-leading products for which we are known around the world without it. We have three areas of expertise: air systems, automation, and engineering. We provide customers with precise and efficient process solutions that simplify the way they run by employing high-talented, high-character individuals and providing them with the newest equipment. Learn more about our areas of specialisation.

Main Products


We are experts in pneumatic conveying systems, which employ air to transport powder and dry bulk material through processing plants. When compared to mechanical conveying methods, pneumatic transport has various advantages.Screw conveyors feature more moving components and require more maintenance than pneumatic conveyors. Pneumatic systems seal the process stream, eliminating the possibility of contamination, leakage, and loss.Pneumatic ducts are designed specifically for your facility. They can be routed up, down, and around existing infrastructure.The design of a pneumatic conveying system allows for many feeding locations and different destinations.


Compared to traditional screeners, air classifiers may offer more efficient product density separation. Kice's Multi-Aspirator® is extremely accurate and cost-effective when it comes to separating light materials from heavy ones. The Multi-Aspirator® has many applications in commercial food processing and other industries that rely on dry separation systems.

  • Reduce dust, explosive fines and infestations.
  • Remove fines and dust from finished pellets, cereals and prills.
  • Separate different types of plastics in regrind/reclaim systems.
  • De-dust fertilizer prills.
  • Clean grain by removing damaged kernels and foreign material.
  • Separate hulls or shells from seeds or nuts.


When dust collects in processing facilities, it can lead to product degradation, health issues and non-compliance with regulations. But the most serious hazard is combustibility. Every year dust causes approximately 30 explosions resulting in injuries and fatalities. Companies that process food and wood products are especially at risk (source: Dust Safety Science).

With leading experience helping facilities stay dust-free, we know what works and what doesn't. Our dust collection systems and industrial ventilation systems are designed to improve safety, optimize equipment and reduce cleaning costs.

  • Complete industrial air filtration and dust control system design.
  • Analysis and recommendations for using dust control.
  • Baghouse filters and fans designed for efficient 24/7 operation in all types of industrial settings.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of dust control systems.

Industry Applications


For decades, we have helped biomass producers efficiently process large inventories of industrial waste, dry hardwood waste, energy crops and other dry bulk material. We can design negative air systems that ensure proper airflow and convey ground products away from hammermills. Our cooling air systems provide the negative air flow needed to properly cool pellets. And the Kice Multi-Aspirator® ensures pellets are free of fines ahead of loadout or packaging.


Kice air systems have the ability to move a significant amount of material quickly. Our Multi-Aspirator® uses less air and removes more angel hairs, snake skins, streamers, and fines than competing air classification systems. Most facilities have a dust problem, and we are one of the world's leading suppliers of dust control systems. In addition, we offer rail car unloading, storage delivery, grinder evacuation, and manufacturing distribution.


You might be wondering whether our systems will function with your product. Allow us to examine a sample and we will return it for your review. Kice systems are suitable for almost any free-flowing product that requires density separation, including minerals, grains, cereals, spices, infant meals, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, chemicals, fertilisers, and many others.

Components and Functionalities


We build rotary airlocks in-house, using heavy-duty castings and careful machining to assure consistently tight clearances. Kice airlocks, like our pneumatic systems, consistently prove to be the strongest and most reliable in the business.


By the late 1990s, we had used virtually every blower on the market before deciding to build our own. Leveraging our vast experience with other brands, we designed a heavy-duty blower that could stand up to the rigors of 24/7 operation and perform well in extreme dry-running conditions. Today, our products have been deployed in thousands of applications, and Kice is recognised as one of the world's most dependable blower manufacturers. A positive pressure system is the most basic and effective technique of pneumatic conveying. Positive displacement blowers are essential components of our pneumatic conveying designs, which employ air to transport dry bulk materials ranging from wood chips to coffee grounds. Diverter valves can be installed in a positive pressure system to add pickup locations for transferring material to multiple destinations. Extensive testing has revealed that Kice PD blowers are more efficient and use less energy than competing blowers on the market.


The Kice rotary drum screener eliminates coarse contaminants from bulk material efficiently. The screener can handle a wide variety of throughput due to its variable reel and screen sizes. For increased performance and longevity, the screening reel is supported by bearings on both the drive and non-drive ends (no overhung load).

  • Removable cleaning brushes allow for easy inspection and maintenance.