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HETHON have almost 50 years of expertise, in depth knowledge of difficult-flowing substances in almost every branche worldwide. For instance in plastics and chemicals, food, pharma, feed, etc. Due to this experience Hethon always know to find the right application for your production process.

HETHON is strong on 2 fields. One is advice and sales in the field of bulk materials, the second is advice and sales of well known quality brands which Hethon exclusively represent. Hethon goal is to deliver high quality brands for a good price. HETHON has its own Dutch brand concerning bulk materials, its own engineering department and testing facility. Hethon can deliver standard items from stock, but also custom-made products and custom-build projects which will enable you to keep one contact. Hethon like to approach issues and customers on a professional but also  personal level.

Main Products


By placing your packaging on a weighing plateau, your HETHON dosing machine can dose your product directly into the packaging you desire. Instead of the HETHON Feeder, your packaging and product will be on the weighing scale. The weighing system automatically ensures the accurate dosing from the HETHON Feeder into your packaging. Trouble-free working with various formulas, weights and packaging, as such, becomes.


The principle of feeding volumetrically starts with keeping the screw full. The effectiveness and accuracy are strongly dependent on a constant and homogeneous filling of the dosing screw. This method provides consistent, repeatable metering with linear control with materials that are considered “good” powders. A good powder has a consistent bulk density, and manageable characteristics. Volumetric feeding falls short of capacity requirements when a material has a varying bulk density. Material that can vary widely in bulk density within a batch will struggle to meet dosing requirements with a Volumetric feeder.


A standard HETHON Feeder has a front door with a round hole. For T-nozzles we redesigned our front panel. This made it possible to quickly remove the front panel and clean the Feeder or change the hopper. Even when a T-nozzle is used. This is our new T-Nozzle front panel: it is a piece of cake to clean the Feeder and change the hopper!

Industry Applications

Above shown markets are just a few of the markets in which our machines are used.

If you are looking for the perfect flow in other dry substances, please feel free to contact us. In our own test facility we will perform dosing tests with the usage of your materials. Doing this gives us the  capability to  evaluate and demonstrate to our customers we have a solution for your product as well.

Components and Functionalities


HETHON Feeders can be equipped with many options. Screws come standard in stainless steel 316. They are available in many different variants, standard they are open. Optional with a center rod, which can be made removable for easy cleaning. Different screw shapes are also available and custom made.


The HETHON Feeder will be delivered standard with an open screw and a standard nozzle.

In order to be able to do the dosing in the right place, both the screw and the nozzle can be extended. Other special adjustments can also be made to meet customer requirements. For example, a sprinkler nozzle.


The capacity of the HETHON Feeder can be increased by placing an extension hopper on top of it. The size of this hopper depends on the capacity and the product to be dosed.

These are available from 30 liters for our smallest HETHON Feeder to over 1000 liters for our largest model.