05. Mixing & Drying


Enge Plas provides a diverse range of drying equipment – dryers, drying hoppers and systems for general-purpose and special-market applications, with throughputs ranging from 1 to 2000 kg per hour.

Dryers that we provide are effective and low-cost solutions especially for plastic material drying. They are capable of drying wet materials that absorb moisture during packaging or recycling.

  • Electric Dryers – Central & Mobile
  • Gas-fired Dryers
  • Compressed Air Dryers
  • Hot Air Dryers
  • Drying Hoppers
  • ResinWorks – Central Drying System
  • EnergySmart
  • Crystallizer
  • IRD
  • Drying Monitor

  • Eliminate material contamination.
  • Longer lifespan to adopt heat-insulated blowers.
  • Reduce inlet temperature and heater temperature to ensure stable inlet air temperature.
  • Overheat protection to prevent accidents from human or mechanical factors.
  • Maximum of drying temperature can reach up to 160 degree celsius.
  • Unique design of down-blown air pipe can spread hot air evenly, keep plastics dry and temperature stable to raise drying efficiency.
  • Certified by CE.
  • Dry most of standard hygroscopic plastics such as PS, PP, ABS.

  • Vacuum pipe
  • Photosensor Hopper Receiver SVH
  • Proportional Valve
  • Floor stand
  • Heatless regenerative air dryer

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High-Speed Mixers

Enge Plas offers an extensive range of high-speed mixers, including hot mixers, cold mixers to combination type heating/cooling mixers. Our turbo mixers are capable of processing a vast range of ingredients. We can design and build customised mixers of various sizes and combinations which meet the specific process requirements of our clients, including ATEX compliant mixers.

By providing German-made quality from beginning to end, we support and provide solutions to meet your production and cost expectations. Before we plant, we will make sure to check for the proper function and the assemblies are mounted to your specific mixers and subsequently equipped with State-of-the-Art control electronics according to current European safety regulations.

Horizontal Mixers

  • Range of standard and custom-built horizontal mixers designed for consistent batch and continuous blending of powder and granules with a wide range of capacities.

Vertical Mixers

  • The vertical mixer is fast, accurate and versatile and is particularly suitable to the mixing of free flowing, heat sensitive or fragile products.
  • Heating/Cooling Mixer Combinations
  • Container Mixers
  • Lab Mixers

2 Different Series

  • Feature-flexible series that can be customised and tailored.
  • Economical series, that comes standard.
  • Range available – 3 litres up to 100,000 litres.

  • Pressure / vacuum rated vessels.
  • Advanced aspiration/moisture-venting systems.
  • Jacketed vessels for heating or cooling.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Continuous mixing applications.
  • Turn-key mixing stations.
  • Mixing PE-XA efficiently and safely.
  • Efficient mixing of fibre compounds which include WPC/NFPC/PPC
  • Surface treatment with maximum efficiency
  • Optimised effectivity, time and energy demand.
  • Custom system optimisation & intuitive user control.

  • Chopper
  • Addition of fluids
  • Tempered mixing tools

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Blender, Kneader & Mixer

Enge Plas provides a wide range of mixing, blending, kneading, homogenizing, agitating solutions. These equipment use free-fall or thrust, and are customisable due to modular construction. These also include unique machines like Liquid Agitators, dispersing and other emulsifying equipment.

We supply all kinds of customized processing equipment for every industry. These include food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, plastics & chemicals. Our mixing range can handle gentle mixing or substances that are difficult to mix. Mixing solids and liquids are also possible. Getting powders mixed into liquids is always a tricky task. This is especially so when the powder is hard to wet, light and floating, and poisonous to people.

There are plenty of customisations & options available. Regardless of whether the need is for a single machine or an entire mixing system. Customisations include mixing elements, construction material, feeding and discharging, manual and automatic operation. Options include drying and aeration, heating/cooling jacket, spray nozzle and dripping pipe. Hygienic and sanitary features include ATEX designs, GMP models and CIP.

  • Paddle Mixer
  • Plow Mixer
  • Ribbon Blender
  • Fluidised Zone Mixer
  • Conical Screw Mixer
  • Twin Mixer
  • 3D Mixer
  • Drum Mixer
  • Emulsifier
  • Sigma Kneader Mixer
  • Double Planetary Mixer
  • Multi Shaft Mixer
  • Vacuum Homogenizer
  • High Speed Disperser

  • Suitable for almost all kinds granules, powders, slurries & liquids
  • Thorough yet gentle mixing possible, even with small quantities
  • Quick mixing & low power consumption
  • Operator-friendly & low-maintenance operation
  • Hygienic & easy to clean
  • Automatic feed-in & removal possible
  • Total discharge of product with minimal retention

  • Vessel jacket for heating or cooling
  • Spray nozzle
  • Extended high bases
  • Air purge packing seal shaft
  • Pneumatic bomb door
  • Shaft and paddles special treatment for corrosive and abrasive materials
  • Safety fence or cage
  • GMP execution

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05. Drying & Dehumidifying

Enge Plas provides a diverse range of drying and dehumidifying equipment. Drying equipment includes hopper dryer, drying loader, cabinet dryer and all-in-one compact dryer. As for dehumidifying, these include honeycomb dehumidifier,  dehumidifying dryer and mould sweat dehumidifier. We also supply compressed air dryer and PET crystallizer.

Each stand-alone equipment caters to different hopper and drying capacities. You can also select heater and blower sizes, cooling water flow rate and piping diameters. They can combine and integrate into systems with upstream and downstream processes.

There are plenty of useful equipment options available for selection.

  • Electric Dryers – Central & Mobile
  • Gas-fired Dryers
  • Compressed Air Dryers
  • Hot Air Dryers
  • Drying Hoppers
  • ResinWorks – Central Drying System
  • EnergySmart
  • Crystallizer
  • IRD
  • Drying Monitor
  • Dehumidifying Dryers
  • Compact Dryers
  • Mould Sweat Dehumidifiers
  • Modular Drying & Dehumidifying
  • PET Crystalliser

  • Stable temperature & high drying efficiency
  • Dehumidifying easily integrated with drying function
  • Applicable for all kinds of hygroscopic plastics, such as PS, PP, ABS
  • Stainless steel material contact surfaces to eliminate contamination
  • Overdrying protection cuts off power after set deviation value
  • Adopts heat-insulated blower for better blower lifespan

  • Vacuum pipe
  • Photosensor Hopper Receiver SVH
  • Proportional Valve
  • Floor stand
  • Heatless regenerative air dryer
  • Dew-point monitor

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05. Mixing & Drying Photo Gallery

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